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Kenosha - 262-656-1100

Racine - 262-637-9508

If you have a problem with people using your parking spaces inappropriately, Jensen Towing has the solution. We can provide 24-hour towing to remove vehicles from private property and hold them in our impound lots.


When you have Jensen Towing protect your parking lot, we'll provide the "No Parking" signs that clearly indicate that your lot is private. If you see vehicles that don't belong in the lot, contact us in Kenosha or Racine for prompt towing.

Around-the-Clock Protection for Your Parking Lot

Customers-only parking enforcement

A firm towing policy with an established towing company is an excellent way to keep your parking available for your customers or residents. Controlling your parking lot also provides additional security for your business.

Call for 24-hour private

property towing.

Kenosha - 262-656-1100

Racine - 262-637-9508

  • Apartment and condo complexes

  • Restaurants

  • Retail shops

  • Businesses with "no overnight parking" policies


24-Hour Private Property Towing

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